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Who will deal with my work?

Your files will be dealt with by experienced Costs professionals. Our team has the knowledge and experience to deal with the claim for costs swiftly and efficiently. A high quality service is provided at all times.

What’s in it for me?

Good question. Aside from the quality service that we provide, you will benefit from having our dedicated Costs specialists at hand to provide advice on any costs issues should you require it. We’ll work hard to achieve the best possible result for you and your client.

How do I instruct you?

It’s easy. Telephone or e-mail, details can be found on the Contact us page. You will find us to be friendly and approachable!

Can you deal with work at short notice?

Yes, we will always try to accommodate urgent instructions.

Do you need a paper file?

Not necessarily. We can work from electronic copies or via remote log-in. We will work around you.

What do I have to do?

That’s up to you. Our service levels are flexible and we will tailor our service to suit you.

What is your usual turnaround time for drafting a bill of costs?

We aim for 14 days. Large claims may take a little longer but we will always keep you informed of timescales.

Will you defer payment of your charges until the end of the case?

Yes, quite often.

What is the deadline for filing a Costs budget?

Either by the date specified on the “Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Multi-Track” (form N149C) or by seven clear days before the first Case Management Conference.

Are you able to assist with costs budgeting?

Yes, our team has experience of dealing with costs budgeting. Since April 2013 costs budgeting has become an inherent feature of Multi Track cases. Failure to comply with CPR budgeting requirements can lead to massive costs penalties. You can have peace of mind that we can assist you with:

  • Drafting the Precedent H
  • Objections to the opponent’s budget
  • Attending any Costs Management Hearing if required
  • Updating your budget as required

Can I only recover the SCCO guideline hourly rates on Detailed Assessment?

Not necessarily. It depends on the circumstances (usually by reference to the eight ‘Pillars of Wisdom set out in CPR 44.4(3)), and of course your retainer! We regularly deal with costs in complex claims, and often recover above the guideline hourly rates. Guideline hourly rates are just that, a guideline.

We didn’t disclose an expert’s report, are the costs recoverable from an opponent?

Whether a report was disclosed or not does not determine recoverability. It is ultimately a question of reasonableness, which is applied without hindsight, see Francis v Francis and Dickerson [1955] 3 All ER 836.