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Precedent H

Whether you like it or not, costs budgeting is here to stay.

We have been drafting Precedent H forms since they were introduced on 1 April 2013 and we have accumulated considerable experience in this area. Having worked on costs in inter partes cases for many years we understand litigation and can realistically estimate your future costs. We will work closely with you to understand the case theory and plan the work that you will do. Our attention to the precise circumstances of your case will mean the estimated costs can be explained and more easily justified.

Examples of recent budgets include:

  • Personal injury claim pleaded at over £100,000
  • Dispute with HMRC over outstanding tax estimated to exceed £1 million
  • Dispute over ownership of a property valued at over £100,000
  • Claim for six-figure sum from alleged financial mis-selling

Our specialist software deals with the calculations meaning changes and amendments are quick and easy. The Precedent H can be produced in Microsoft Word and Excel so you can tweak the documents too if you wish.

If you would like advice on the opponent’s Precedent H, we can do that too.

We respond to the inflexible constraints of costs budgeting by offering flexibility. We’ll work around you: we can work remotely or from an electronic copy of the file. If you can find a spare desk, we’ll work from your office!

Our charging structures and payment terms are flexible too. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.